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On October 9th, 2015, Atlantide–one of the very few remaining autonomous and self-managed (autogestito) social spaces in Italy–was forcibly evicted from Porta Santo Stefano, its home of 17 years. Atlantide inhabited one of the historic gates to the medieval city of Bologna, which is home to the oldest university in the so-called Western World.

Altantide was certainly the oldest trans*-feminist-queer and punk space of its kind. It was the last such space in the central city of Bologna, which was once filled with self-managed social spaces. The city is increasingly filled with empty spaces and failed state and private projects.

Atlantide takes its name from the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Today, it is clear that some want us to drown. Instead, with your solidarity, they will make us overflow. Our campaign of resistance to both this specific act of repression and the general atmosphere that supports it is shorthanded as #AtlantideOvunque: Atlantide Everywhere.

We are asking academics, researchers, and queer knowledge producers in Italy and around the world to support Atlantide in our search for a new home by signing this statement of solidarity in the comments section below. In addition to the required fields of name and e-mail, please write your name, affiliation (if any), and any additional comments or reflections in the “commento” box!

You might also take a photo of yourself, your department, your reading group etc. with a sign reading #AtlantideOvunque.  (Even better in front of an abandoned or gentrified building or queer spot in your city or town!) You can post these photos on our Facebook page, Atlantide R-esiste. You can also share this statement and ask peers, friends, and colleagues to sign!

You will find another petition for Atlantide–”The Butterfly Effect”–here. (In Italian only). For other statements of solidarity or questions please write atlantideresiste [at] gmail [dot] com


Since 1998, the different collectives of Atlantide have produced an enormous variety knowledge, culture, art, and political practices. All of this remains–and will remain–utterly uncommodified and non-institutionalized. This work has been and is being produced by the very people who require it to survive and to thrive. 

As anyone working in the contemporary neoliberal university knows all too well, creating and maintaining spaces for the production of radical knowledges and political practices continuously risks normalization and appropriation. Atlantide has powerfully resisted both for 17 years.

In many countries–perhaps especially the UK, US, Canada, and Australia–grassroots activist movements have been institutionalized as so many ‘minority’ studies programs and departments. While such institutionalizations are important forms of recognition, this all too often demands a sacrifice of self-determination on the part of those who work or study in such programs or departments and also risks the exploitation and normalization of those who continue to struggle outside of–or within and against–the institution.

By contrast, Italy’s trans*-feminist-queer movements have, for reasons clear to anyone with a knowledge of feminist and autonomous social movements more generally, remained largely outside the institutional space of the University. There are no degree granting feminist, women’s studies, queer or trans* studies programs or departments anywhere in Italy. Virtuous or not, this context is the basis from which Atlantide has created its practice and its theory. 

Altantide is a transnationally recognized point of reference for those trans*-feminist-queer scholars, activists, and networks who struggle to maintain an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge production alongside an intersectional approach to politics. Over the years, we have resisted and contrasted: Violence against women and trans* people; homophobia and homophobic violence; right-wing, pro-life, and anti-‘gender theory’ Catholic/Christian groups; The Israeli occupation of Palestine, pinkwashing, and homonationalism; neoliberalism, austerity and precarity.

We have also created, sustained, and theorized a variety of practical alternatives to such oppressions, often as part of inter-/trans-/anti-national networks. Our creative work has encompassed: Post-pornography and alternative kinship; grassroots welfare; a self-managed, community-based and de-medicalized approach to healthcare; providing space and support (and an audience!) for non-institutional artists, festivals, and cultural producers; a queer approach to anti-fascism and anti-racism; auto-production of published, digital and printed material, which forms the basis for a planned independent research/study center and archive. 

As trans*-feminist-queers and punks, many of us have lived evictions from our birth families, from ‘normality’ (luckily!), and from cities and towns overrun with right-wing politics and fascists. What makes us different is that we turned this displacement inside-out: We refused suffering, refused to be silent, refused to be isolated. Instead, we persist and insist; we exist and resist. We have traveled under many banners, but one reads: “Atlantide Deve Vivere,” Atlantide Must Live. In this moment of eviction, where we once again face erasure, we ask for your solidarity.

This will help to keep us afloat.

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Note: While we ask for the name of your Department or University, we understand that your signature is provided for identification purposes only and does not reflect institutional approval or support of the position in question.

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